Destination Photography

If you're still on the hunt for a photographer and want something that will make you flip, look no further! I'm a preferred vendor of Majestic Resorts and my prices include all travel and fees.

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Wedding days are like marathons, and let's face it, even the best athletes need a breather! At Jamie Dimitry Photography, we've seen it all—brides swapping heels for sneakers, groomsmen sneaking naps behind the scenes, and even Grandma busting out some killer dance moves before needing a quick sit-down. So, if you catch us with a camera in one hand and a slice of cake in the other, just know we're taking a "strategic break" to ensure those candid shots stay as sharp as our wit!

My job is to tell your stories and leave an indelible memory over time. I'm here to guide you to the best day of your lives!