Picking a photographer.

I love what we do and it shows! Filled with passion for photography and love for all things wedding! Always a romantic at heart, we can't think of a better career than sharing with you one of the happiest days of your lives.

You always have to ask yourself, what would I want to see from my photographer? Is it all about the photography or do you want someone who cares about you and the connection shared between you and your significant other? Jamie Dimitry Photography specializes in relating to people and making your wedding day fun and smooth! I've tied a dress, smoothed over more issues than brides would ever want to know, and now have friends scattered around the world. The final photographs are about more than just capturing the beauty, I want to capture the love, memories and create a friendship with our couples that adds to the greatness of your day.

Connect with us before your wedding, we aren’t about just sending messages back and forth through email. Let's contact on a more personal level, grab a cup of coffee and begin the friendship!

double image and gels, off camera flash at obsidian ridge